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Wednesday warmest day in Belgium on record

Wednesday was the warmest day on record in Belgium.  At Kleine Brogel in Limburg a temperature of 39.9°C was recorded, while in Angleur (Liège) a temperature of 40.2° was reached.   

Last night was also the warmest night of the year so far in Belgium.  At Ukkel in Brussels the temperature didn’t fall below 23.7°C.  Tonight should be even hotter. The warmest night on record happened in 2015 when the temperature didn’t fall below 24.4°C.

No record was set during the daytime in Brussels yesterday with 35.9°C recorded.  The record for Brussels stands at 36.6° C set in June 1947.

The forecast for today is for highs of 38°C in the interior, 35°C at the seaside. Thundery showers may occur.

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