25 July 2019 was a truly exceptional day

Thursday 25 July 2019 will go down in history as the warmest day in Belgium since records began. At many locations temperatures topped 40°C. One of the hottest places in the country was Begijnendijk where temperatures reached 41.8°C. The exceptional warm day ended with rain and thunder in some places. Friday will be less hot than Thursday and from Saturday temperatures will return to normal summer levels.  

Writing on the social media platform Twitter, the VRT’s weatherman Frank Deboosere said that yesterday’s temperatures were “a gigantic record”. With the 39.7°C recorded at the Ukkel (Brussels) weather centre Frank Deboosere’s comments are no exaggeration.

The new record is 3.1°C higher than the previous record of 36.6°C that was recorded on 27 June 1947.  

Since 1994 the warmest day of the year recorded at the Ukkel Weather Centre has always been above 30°C. While the new record at Ukkel now stands at 39.7°C there were places elsewhere in the country where it was even warmer. In Beitem, near Roeselare (West Flanders) a top temperature of 40.7°C was recorded. While a temperature of 41.8°C was recorded in Begijnendijk (Flemish Brabant).    

Thunders storms and rain

In many places the warmest day ended with a Thunder storm and a downpour of rain and in some places hail. In the Flemish Brabant town of Halle the Fire Service received a total of 70 calls to deal with uprooted trees, braches and damaged roofs.   

Elsewhere, in Wevelgem (West Flanders) a fallen tree ended up on the roof of the local library. It took fire-fighters hours to clear the debris.    

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