Homans to take action against Al Ishaan Mosque

The Flemish Prime minister Liesbeth Homans (nationalist) has initiated proceeding to withdraw official recognition from the Al Ishaan Mosque in Wilsele, near Leuven (Flemish Brabant). The withdrawal of official recognition would mean that the mosque will no longer receive subsidies from the public purse. The mosque courted controversy at the end of 2017 after comments made by a preacher at the mosque. The man was suspended pending an investigation. 

The man began playing an active role at the mosque again at the end of December last year. According to Ms Homans there are serious indications that the mosque doesn’t respect the criteria entitling it to be given subsidies. For example, the mosque is report to allow a Salifi organisation to use its facilities to teach. This is said to have happen with the full knowledge of the Mosque’s board.     

Ms Homans has written to the Muslim Executive, the local authorities in Leuven and Herent and the Flemish Brabant provincial authorities.   

The now have 60 days to give their advice on what should be done about the mosque. Only once they have done so will a decision be made about whether the mosque’s recognition will be revoked.   

This is the second time that Ms Homans has initiated

Proceedings to withdraw recognition from a mosque. Previously recognition was withdrawn from the Faith Mosque in the Limburg municipality of Beringen.   


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