Election 2019: N-VA and PS to meet at last

For the first time since the May 26 poll Belgium’s two biggest parties, the Flemish nationalists of N-VA and the Francophone socialists of PS are to look each other in the eye.  A round table meeting involving many of the country’s party leaders is planned for Sunday.

The round table is the initiative of Johan Vande Lanotte and Didier Reynders, the two veteran politicians charged by Filip, King of Belgians, with kick-starting the federal government formation process.  Until now the PS has ignored all openings by the N-VA.

N-VA deputy president Lorin Parys, who confirmed the news, says there is always a moment when you must talk: “For us it was the day after the election.  We made this clear to the mediators and the PS, but two months after the election the meeting hasn’t yet happened.”

A gathering was planned for last Thursday, but that didn’t go ahead.

The Flemish Christian democrats, Flemish socialists and the Flemish and Francophone liberals will attend the roundtable too.  Whether the greens will be there too is unclear.

What will be discussed? Mr Lorin Parys says everything is up for discussion, though it’s uncertain whether N-VA’s demands for Belgium to be transformed into a confederal state will be on the table just yet.

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