Geese are unexpected hazard for drivers

Drivers in the town of Grimbergen, outside Brussels, face an unexpected challenge on the roads.  Geese crossing the public highway are causing a dangerous situation for motorists and cyclists.

The tame geese are determined to cross the highway on the Willem Bridge between Grimbergen and neighbouring Vilvoorde.  The geese aren’t at all bothered by the busy local traffic.  They cross whenever they like and sometimes even halt in the middle of the road.  For drivers and cyclists the geese often form an unexpected hazard and drivers are forced to take evasive action.  The birds are such a pain that some motorists have even complained to the local authorities.

Acting mayor Philip Roosen concedes the geese are a pleasant sight, but insists road safety should get priority.  The council has now fenced off the area where the geese usually leave the water of the Willebroek Brussels Canal.  Hopefully this will provide a solution, but if not the local authorities are quite ready to revisit the situation.

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