Search resumes for 18-year-old Belgian missing in Australia

The people of Byron Bay, a seaside town in the Australian state of New South Wales that is popular with backpackers, are not giving up the search for an 18-year-old from Brussels that has been missing since the end of May. Théo Hayez went missing on 31 May. On Sunday dozens of volunteer started a fresh search for the Belgian teenager. 

The search centred on Tallow Beach around 2km outside Byron Bay. Recently a Puma baseball cap was found there that could possibly have belong to Théo.

Théo Hayez was last seen in a night club in Byron Bay. He had been travelling around Australia for 8 months when he disappeared. His disappearance was described as being out of character.

A police operation to try and find the Belgian draw a blank. However, local volunteers are not prepared to give up  the quest to find him.  

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