Missing woman found after having been trapped in her car for six days

A woman that had had been missing since last Tuesday has been found in a seriously dehydrated state trapped in her car at Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse in Liège Province. The car had got stuck in a ditch and the woman was unable to escape. She was eventually found on Monday evening and taken to hospital suffering from severe dehydration. Her condition is not described as life-threatening. 

45-year-old Corinne Bastide had not been seen since the night of Tuesday 23 July. The last sighting of Ms Bastide before her disappearance was at a petrol station at Awans just outside Liège. A police missing person’s report was sent to the media and a search was started to try and find the woman.  

She was finally found on Monday evening at Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse, just a few kilometres from where she had been last seen. Her car had got stuck in a ditch and she was unable to get out of the vehicle. The Judicial Authorities are currently working on the theory that she had spent six days, including the hottest day since records began, stuck inside the car. Her mobile phone was last traced to the area in which she was found.   

Ms Bastide was still conscious, but seriously dehydrated. She was taken to hospital where he condition is described as not being life-threatening. However, she will remain in hospital for the time being. The exact circumstance that led to her car ending up in the ditch are as yet unknown.  

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