Poisonous cyanobacteria found in the River Dender

Poisonous cyanobacteria have been found in the River Dender at Ninove in East Flanders. The local authority has issued a temporary ban on the taking of water from the river (for example to water fields) and the use of the river for recreational purposes. Cyanobacteria are poisonous and can make humans and animals ill. 

Consequently all contact with cyanobacteria should be avoided. Cyanobacteria can cause skin irritation and nausea.  



Swimming and kayaking on the stretch of the River Dender in Geraardbergen and Ninove has been banned for as long as the issues with cyanobacteria persist. Pumping water out of the river for agricultural use (watering fields or drinking water for livestock) has also been banned.    

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