Exciting find at De Haan: rare curled octopus washes up

Beachcombers in the West Flemish seaside resort of De Haan made an exceptional discovery on the beach this weekend.  For only the third time a curled octopus or eledone cirrhosa was sighted on the Flemish coast.

The curled octopus is a native of the southern waters of the North Sea and is not usually found in our climes as it prefers to hide away in hollows in deep water.

Jan Seys of the Flanders Marine Institute: “Curled octopuses were only found washed up on our shores in 1934 and in 2015.  Like in this case these were animals who were poorly.”

The beachcombers who found the octopus returned it to the sea, but Jan Seys believes there is every chance the poor creature will be washed up once again as it was in a bad way.

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