CCTV cameras against fly-tipping

Refuse company Interza is installing CCTV cameras in Zaventem, Kampenhout, Kraainem, Steenokkerzeel and Wezembeek-Oppem.  The cameras will be used to clamp down on fly-tipping.

In this area near Brussels fly-tipping is a real problem.  So far this year 1,000 instances were reported and cleared up.  The cameras are being installed as a result of complaints by the municipal authorities as well as local residents. 

Interza’s Jan Buysse confirms the situation is getting worse and worse: “People are demanding action and want fly-tippers to be fined.  Cameras are an efficient tool.”

The refuse company keeps a list of incidents and then on the basis of this list is able to decide what the best places are to install cameras. The cameras themselves will be invisible allowing the company to film whenever it likes.

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