New home for ‘Balloon of Friendship’

In Leuven the Balloon of Friendship, a work of art, which has adorned the Herbert Hoover Square for nearly three decades has found a new home in a garden near Leuven bus station.

It was in 1988 that artist Dany Tulkens designed the eight metre high balloon.  The work of art was intended to convey the message that surrounded by friends you can conquer everyday challenges.  Initially the balloon found a home on the Herbert Hoover Square, but as the square is being renovated the artwork has been relocated.

Artist Dany Tulkens is enthusiastic: “It’s a shame it had to disappear from the Herbert Hoover Square, bit this is a great location where loads of people pass by.”

The sculpture has been thoroughly renovated too.  It now has a new basket in weathering steel, while the base too has been replaced.

Moving the sculpture was no mean feat.  It had to be organised as an exceptional transport accompanied by police. 

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