Police warn against the Venezuelan Bolivar that looks “just like a euro”

Belgian police are warning against being tricked into accepting Venezuelan coins for euros.  The Venezuelan one Bolivar coin looks just like a euro, but is worth considerably less.

Unscrupulous individuals, especially in the Rupel area around Boom, are trying to con people by using the coins as if they were euros.

Police from the Rupel Zone have taken to social media to warn local people about the threat.  Bolivar coins may look like euros, but a Bolivar is worth considerably less than a euro. The police haven’t yet received any complaints but retailers in the Boom area are concerned that the coins have entered the general circulation. 

Police suspect the coins entered circulation here following the Tomorrowland dance music festival.

Police officer Joris Van Camp: “The past two weekends lots of people from many different nationalities passed through here.  It’s quite possible that many Venezuelans were able to buy food using their own local currency.”

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