Woman who survived six days in her car in a ditch tells her story

Corine Bastide is the woman who spent six days stuck in her car in a ditch before being rescued.  48 hours after her rescue she told the Francophone broadcaster RTBF: “I’m already feeling better even though I don’t yet fully realise what happened to me.

So far mystery had surrounded how Corine ended up in the ditch in Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse near Liege.  She explains: “I was having trouble with my motor.  I took the Saint-Georges exit because I was minded to stop there.  I tried to break ahead of a roundabout but my car just kept on going.  That’s how I ended up in the bushes. At that moment I didn’t realise what had happened.  It was only the following day that I realised my car had summersaulted”.

“The first night I was unconscious and in a lot of pain. Every time I tried to move my arm I became unconscious. My phone didn’t stop ringing.  I wanted to get hold of it but was in too much pain. Every time I heard a human voice I wanted to shout out, but they couldn’t hear me.”

Corine’s adventure happened as Belgium experienced a heatwave with temperatures of 40°C: “I was able to open the car door with my foot.  That made it bearable.  Later I had to sleep in water for two nights.  I shivered all night and was afraid to fall asleep.”

“I filled a chewing gum box with rain water in order to drink and kept my lips wet with a wet twig.”

“I will never be able to thank the woman who found me enough.  She saw my car, came towards me and asked ‘Are you Corine?’ She told me everybody had been looking for me.  She stayed with me all the while.”

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