Police discover large cannabis plantation in Asse

Officers from the AMOW Local Police Service have found and dismantled a professional cannabis plantation at a warehouse in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Asse. The plantation was made up of more than 3,000 plants. A 33-year-old man has been detained.  

The warehouse changed hands at the start of the year. The new owners had done all they could to keep their illegal activities out of the view of prying eyes. They had built a wall behind the large door at the front of the warehouse. This prevented passers-by from seeing what was going inside the warehouse even if the front door was open.  

Behind the wall the warehouse was divided up into 5 separate areas each with separate ventilation systems. The ventilation systems were fitted with special filters so that the smell of the cannabis could not spread.

The electricity for the cannabis growing operation was tapped of the supply before it had passed through the meter, so that the excessive electricity consumption caused by the plantation would not show up.     

Police raid on Thursday

Despite having taken every effort to disguise what they were doing, the police found out what was going on. The warehouse was raided on Thursday morning.

Police found 3,000  plants that were ready to be harvested. All the plants were taken away and will be destroyed. A 33-year-old man that was detained by police at the warehouse has been question and arrested on suspicion of having grown narcotics.    

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