Reynders regrets the demise on the INF Treaty

The Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in Belgium’s caretaker Federal Government Didier Reynders (Francophone liberal) has said that he finds the demise of the INF Treaty regrettable. The INF treaty was signed in 1987 and bans the production and possession of short and mid-range nuclear weapons. Now neither Russia nor the United States are in favour of retaining the treaty. When the treaty was signed more than three decades ago it was seen as a milestone for nuclear disarmament during the Cold War.       

Now the United States has decided to withdraw from the treaty Didier Reynders has called on the United States and Russia to take initiatives that will lead to reductions in their respective nuclear arsenals.      

"As a NATO-member control of the number of nuclear weapons and disarmament are of great importance to Belgium as an essential part of international security. No one would benefit from a new arms race.   

Minister Reynders stress the importance of the extension of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. Like the INF treaty this is a bilateral treaty signed between the United States and Russia. The treaty is due to expire in 2021.  

“The US and Russia should enter into active dialogue about this”.

The INF treaty has led to the destruction of almost 3,000 nuclear warheads. During to past few years the United States has accused Russia of having violated the treaty several times.  

"Unfortunately Russia didn’t heed repeated international calls to start to respect its treaty obligations again. This lead to the dissolution of the treaty”.


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