Technical issues with luggage conveyor belt at Brussels Airport

On what is one of the busiest weekends of the year the airport at Zaventem, near Brussels has been hit by technical issues with its luggage conveyor belt system. This in turn has led to flights being delayed. At first the issued appeared to have been resolved, however at 11am our reporter at the airport said that the conveyor belts had broken down again.

Inevitably the conveyor belt issues have led to a backlog of suitcases and other items of luggage building up . Even once everything is working normally again it will take several hours to clear the backlog.

The technical issues first surfaced at around 6am on Saturday. Passengers on at least 30 flights were forced to depart for their respective destinations without all or at least some of their luggage. By 9am the technical issues appeared to have been resolved. However, at 11am VRT News’ radio reporter at the airport said that the luggage system had broken down again.

The issues have led to delays to flights and due to the backlog caused this situation will continue until several hours after the system has started working normally again.

Any luggage that has remained at the airport will be forwarded to its owner either later today or tomorrow.

83,000 passengers are expected at Zaventem today and 89,000 passengers are expected at the airport tomorrow (Sunday). 

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