Youth unemployment in Brussels falls by 50% in 6 years

Youth unemployment in Brussels has fallen by 50% over the past six years. According to figures released by the Brussels regional employment service Actris on Friday just under 7,000 young people in Brussels that under the age of 25 are currently registered unemployed. Despite the big fall in youth unemployment in recent years, 18.2% of the capital’s working population that is under the age of 25 is currently unemployed. 

Youth unemployment in Brussels is still far higher than in both Flanders and Wallonia.  There are currently 6,971 young job-seekers in the Brussels-Capital Region. This is 922 less than this time last year, a fall of 11.7%.  

Actris’ Spokesman Jan Gatz told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz that the fall is youth unemployment has come about thanks to the buoyant economy, changes to the law regarding benefits to help get people back to work and the intensive efforts on the part of Actiris to help young unemployed people find work.

An example this is Actiris’ commitment to find work for or provide training or work experience to young unemployed people within the six months of then having signed on for the first time.  

Actiris now plans to extend its so-called “Job Guarantee” to all people that become unemployed regardless of their age. However, the time limit for those over 25 will be 1 year.

At the end of July, 87,735 people were registered unemployed in the Brussels-Capital Region. This equates to 15.6% of the working population. Since July 2018 unemployment in the capital has fallen by 2,938 (3.2%). Compared with July 2013, there are currently 23,477 fewer people registered as being unemployed in Brussels, a fall of 21.1% in six years.  

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