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Bank robbery in Kinrooi leaves thieves empty-handed

The town of Kinrooi (Limburg province) was the scene of a bank robbery last night. However, it seems the thieves had to return empty-handed. The assailants used explosives to blow up the bank's front wall. It's the third time Kinrooi has been hit by this kind of robbery. There was nobody in the building at the moment of the explosion, but the damage to the KBC bank is huge. Witnesses saw how the thieves got into a car with a Dutch number plate to flee the scene. 

It's not the first time thieves are trying to blow up a cash machine in the same town. Last January, a Bpost cash point was targeted, also without success for the thieves. However, in June 2018 robbers managed to get away with 400,000 euros after blowing up an ING cash point. Kinrooi is situated close to the border with the Netherlands, and it is suspected that there may be a Dutch link. 

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