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Giant panda twins born at the Pairi Daiza animal park

The Pairi Daiza animal park in Hainaut Province has welcomed to very special new arrivals. The park’s female giant panda Hao Hao has given birth to twin cubs. The happy event was reported in a press statement released by Pairi Daiza earlier today. 

It is the second time that Hao Hao has given birth at the zoo. In 2016 Tian Bao was born there. In April of this Pairi Daiza announced that Hao Hao had been successfully inseminated again. At the time the park said that you can only know for sure that a giant panda is pregnant three weeks before it gives birth. However, now has come the surprising news of the birth of giant panda twins.

The zoo keepers that look after Hao Hao were new completely certain that she was actually pregnent. However, the suspected that she might have been.

Pairi Daiza has released two photo of the mother panda with her cubs.

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