74,651 Belgians caught speeding in France during June and July

Almost 75,000 Belgian motorists were caught by speed traps while driving in France during June and July this year. This is 6,000 more than during the same period last year. The French police always increase the number of speed traps during the summer months and with our two countries sharing a common border and many Belgians choosing to holiday in France a large number of Belgian motorists get caught speeding there. According to Joni Junes of the Flemish motoring association VAB, Belgians are foreign drivers most often caught speeding in France.   

During the first seven months of the year 154,844 Belgian motorists were caught speeding on French roads. This is down 23% on last year. However, VAB says that is due to the yellow vest protesters having vandalised around 6 out of 10 speed cameras across France.

The story was very different in June and June when the French police had increased the number of mobile speed traps. In those two months 8% more Belgians were caught speeding than was the case last year.

In 2018 the Belgians top the list of foreign drivers most often caught speeding on French roads, ahead of the Spanish and the Germans.

In addition to fixed speed cameras and roadside checks, the French police also deploy mobile cameras fitted to unmarked cars. The French government intends to replace the speed cameras that were destroyed by the yellow vest protesters with 400 super cameras capable of checking the speed of 32 cars simultaneously over a distance of 100 metres. 75 such cameras are already operational.

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