A “Bolleke” to officially become a “Bolleke”

Antwerp’s best-known and much-loved brown beer that is brewed by De Koninck is now officially called by the name that drinkers have been calling the beer for decades. “Bolleke”, a word used in Brabant dialects meaning small ball, has been used by beer-drinkers in and around Antwerp when ordering the beer for as long as most of us can remember. After all, a "Bolleke" is probably easier to remember than a "De Koninck" if you want to order one.  

The nickname that from Friday will become the official name for the beer probably refers to the round shape of the glasses in which it is served. The name-change coincides with the opening day of the Antwerp city festival the “Bollekesfeest”, an event at which many litres of Bolleke and other types of beer will be consumed.  


The De Koninck brewery has decided to make the change to avoid confusion among inexperienced staff in bars outside the Antwerp area that don’t always understand what a customer is asking for when he or she orders “a Bolleke”.

De Koninck is the oldest brewery still active in the centre of Antwerp. In a state released concerning the name change, the brewery jokes “We are giving in and giving the people of Antwerp what they want”.

On Friday the De Koninck brewery will be given a certificate from the city authorities that will symbolically make the name-change official. “From then on you will be able to order a Bolleke anywhere in the world. From Antwerp to New York and Hong Kong”, a brewery spokesperson said. 


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