A man was killed on the R4 near Zelzate.

Four people die in various road accidents, including a 14-year-old girl in Nieuwerkerken

Various people died in accidents this weekend. In Zelzate, a pedestrian was hit by a truck on the Ghent Orbital Road, while in Nieuwerkerken a young girl passed away last night. The weekend had already seen two traffic accidents in which a man and a woman died. 

In Nieuwerkerken, near Aalst, four teenagers returned from a fancy fair last night around 2 o'clock. The young driver lost control of the vehicle, crashing against a trailer that had been parked along the road. 

Three passengers sustained injuries and were transported to hospital, but a 14-old-girl in the car died. Traffic experts came to the scene to investigate the accident and said the 18-year-old driver was not speeding. He was driving 50 kilometres per hour, which is a normal speed at that place. It is not clear why he lost control of the vehicle.

The young man had a provisional driving license and was not allowed to drive a vehicle at night in the weekend, nor was he allowed to carry any passengers. 

In Zelzate, in the north of East Flanders, a pedestrian did not survive a strange accident. The 29-year-old man was hit twice by lorries on the R4 trunk road and died on the spot.

It is not clear how the accident could happen, but the victim may have tried to cross the big road (it is part of the north section of the Ghent Orbital Road) at a spot without traffic lights or a zebra crossing. After the accident, the road was closed for north-bound traffic. 

Four people died in car accidents this weekend. 

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