Christophe Ketels / COMPAGNIE GAGARINE

Bpost looking for a new CEO

The Belgian mail company Bpost is looking for a new boss. The present supremo, Koen Van Gerven, has announced he is not a candidate for a next term. 

Van Gerven's present term will end on 26 February 2020. He will have been at the helm of Bpost for 6 years, steering the company through changing times as classic letters are becoming less popular, with parcels and home deliveries gaining more weight due to the success of online shopping. Van Gerven says Bpost needs to be prepared to tackle more digital challenges in the future, and that it is best done with a new CEO. He or she should also get a 6-year term to guarantee continuity, he says.  

Bpost was listed on the Belgian stock exchange market in 2013. Van Gerven cooperated in this action just before he became the new CEO. Trades unions say that Van Gerven's successor should invest more in social talks to avoid strikes like last autumn. 

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