More people earning something extra in Brussels sex industry

Earning something extra to make ends meet? In Brussels, an increasing number of people choose to take their chance in the sex industry, a poll at interest groups Utsopi and Espace P reveals. It's mostly people who already have a job, but who want to get some extra cash on a couple of occasions. 

Utopsi and Espace P notice that people who already have a job, still try to earn some extra money in the sex industry, and that their number is on the rise. Marie of Utopsi told our colleagues of the local radio station Radio 2: "We are seeing this in adverts and hearing this in conversations with other sex workers. It's mostly single parents or singles who are finding it hard to make ends meet, and who are receiving clients a couple of times a month." 

Espace P confirms the rise, but says it's hard to give a figure. There are no official figures because prostitution is still illegal. Federal police estimate there are about 26,000 sex workers for the whole of Belgium. 

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