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E-bikers burning as many calories as those on normal bicycles (or more), research shows

European research shows that people on electric bicycles usually make longer rides, and do this more frequently than those cycling on a normal push bike. Looking at physical exercise, those using an electric bicycle are therefore doing just as well or even better. 

Researchers followed thousands of people for two years, and found out that those using an electric bicycle take the bike more often, and also cover longer distances. Luc Int Panis cooperated in the research: "They used so-called METs to compare: Metabolic Equivalents of Task. This shows how much energy is needed to make a certain effort."

It turned out that normal cyclists were using 4,085 METs on average, compared to 4,463 METs for cyclists relying on an electric engine. 

Average cycle trips covered a distance of 4.8 kilometres compared to 9.4 kilometres. This is because electric bicycles are often used to commute to and from work, also in  Belgium. So, is a person using an electric bike "lazier" or not? No, provided that he or she covers almost double the distance of the other one....

Read more about the findings here.  

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