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Swiss cyclist Stéphane Cand ends record trip in Voeren

Switzerland's Stéphane Cand (47) has made it into the Guinness Book of Records: cycling through no fewer than 16 countries in just 6 days. Belgium was his last stage. 

Cand started in the Czech Republic, passing via Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium to finish in Moelingen (Voeren), on the Belgian-Dutch border. He covered 2,200 kilometres to achieve his feat, sleeping no more than 3 to 4 hours each day. 

Cand said he was surprised by the state of our roads: "Judging from the footage of the Ardennes cycling classics, I thought the roads would be of better quality", he told reporters. Cand broke the previous mark of Poland's Marek Dzienisiuk, who passed 14 countries in 7 days.  

I thought the Belgian roads would be of better quality

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