13 swimmers blacklisted after incidents this summer

Swimming pools managed by the LAGO group have banned 13 people after various incidents in recent weeks. The decision comes after identity checks were carried out, after complaints of misbehaviour. A dozen people have now been blacklisted for three months. 

The identity checks were introduced about a month ago after various reports of incidents, including one in the Rozenbroeken pool in Ghent, managed by LAGO. Since then, strict checks were applied, resulting in a ban for 8 swimmers in Kortrijk, 2 in Ghent and Beveren, and 1 in Lier. 

LAGO director Dieter Thielemans explains that we are not really talking about heavy incidents, "but it's obvious that each incident is one too much. We are talking about voyeurism or the smoking of cannabis."

Offenders are being banned for 3 months, but in the case of heavy incidents, LAGO will take soundings from the local municipality to see if the ban can be extended. In the meantime, the identity checks continue: "It gives visitors a feeling of better security, and they don't mind." 

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