17-year-old boy killed in Brussels police intervention road accident

A 17-year-old was killed yesterday in the centre of Brussels when he was crossing the street near the Central Station. He was hit by a police vehicle that had been called to intervene in a robbery. The boy was on the run for the police in another case, it turns out. 

"A police team was on its way around 11:50 PM to intervene in a case of theft", says Olivier Slosse of the Brussels police. "At Kantersteen, near the Ravenstein Gallery, close to the Central Station, a boy was hit as he was crossing the road. Police tried to reanimate him on the spot and an emergency team was called to the site, but it was too late." 

The police sent their condolences to the victim's family. The police officers involved in the accident will receive mental support from a specialised stress team.

The judicial authorities are investigating the case. During the course of the day, it came to light that the boy was on the run for the Brussels police himself. "Brussels police were carrying out checks at the Kunstberg, as the number of drugs-related incidents has been on the rise there lately", Willemien Baert of the judicial authorities explains. "When police officers wanted to check a young man's identity, he fled the scene by foot, towards the Ravenstein Gallery. He was run over by a car soon afterwards." 

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