Extra cash to restore Flemish heritage sites

The Flemish Heritage Minister Ben Weyts (nationalist) has earmarked over 10 million euros to restore historic buildings or sites across Flanders. Most cash goes to the pier in Blankenberge, which will get over 6 million. 

Ben Weyts took over the Heritage department from the former Flemish Premier Geert Bourgeois, who moved to the European level. The historic Blankenberge Pier is the eyecatcher in the new series of projects.

The walkway will be dismantled for a big part, in order to make a reconstruction respecting the original, historic plans as much as possible. The pier will look more like the original design in the 30ies of the previous century.  

The history of the Blankenberge Pier goes back to 1894. It's said to be the eldest pier at the Atlantic coast of the European mainland, and a jewel of art deco. "It dominates the Blankenberge coastline, but hasn't been looking too well for a while", Weyts says. "We will use the original plans to rebuild it, after which it will be stronger to resist future challenges."

Other cash will go to the country mansion Kasteelhoeve de Laiterie in Dilbeek, the castle site Blauwhuis in Izegem, the Herman Teirlinckhuis in Beersel and the apartment building Ante Mare in De Panne.

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