Summer is coming back: temperatures up to 30 Celsius next weekend

We can look forward to a new spell of summer weather. Temperatures will climb gradually in the next few days, to reach up to 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) next weekend. 

High pressure is building up over Belgium. A first sign if improvement is that the wind will ease. There will be lots of sunshine over the next days, and when the wind will turn to the south-east, temperatures will climb quickly as from Friday. It has been dry for some days and this will remain so. 

Temperatures may reach around 30 Celsius in the shadow in the weekend, and the hot spell should continue early next week, though Monday and Tuesday will become more unstable, with possible showers.  It's another hot spell this year, but this time we will probably not have an official heat wave: we may have five days of 25 degrees Celsius or more, but it is not sure whether we will have at least two days with 30 degrees Celsius or more in Ukkel. 

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