1.5 tonnes less waste at festival Lokerse Feesten

Last year more waste was dumped at the festival Lokerse Feesten, but this year a decrease of 1,500 kilograms has been observed. The organisers and the intermunicipal waste associations worked with reusable cups and recycled part of the beverage packaging.

As of next year, there will be a new law requiring event organisers to work with reusable cups or to recycle 90% of the non-reusable packaging. In the run-up to this new regulation, some tests are carried out here and there. It the case at the festival Lokerse Feesten. The result is one and a half tonnes less in ten days of festival.

The reusable cups are a success anyway, says waste collector IDM: "There is much less residual waste, and much less garbage is left behind on the ground. After each festival evening, teams from the intermunicipal waste association foamed off the festival grounds to pick up and sort the remaining waste."

For Annick Maes from IDM, it is still too early to say whether we will reach 90% when it comes to recycling but the reusable cups are the ideal solution anyway. "However, there is still work to be done on the access roads to the site of the festival. Too many cans and packaging are still being thrown on the road there."

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