Police are going to use bottled water due to polluted tap water

During a meeting between the trade unions and the top of the federal police, it was agreed to take a series of precautions in Brussels police stations where polluted drinking water has been spotted. Among other things, there will be water fountains with bottles and employees will be allowed to have a blood test carried out.

Measurements of 43 water taps in three federal police barracks in Brussels have shown that the lead values in the tap water were much higher than the European standard. At least seven policemen and women have already given Commissioner General Marc De Mesmaeker notice of default for the polluted water.

The High Level Consultative Committee met on Wednesday to discuss the dossier. All parties were present: trade unions, the police summit, the Buildings Agency and representatives of the federal government. Commissioner General Marc De Mesmaeker also took part in the consultations.

On the basis of the available information, the High Consultative Committee concluded that "there is no major health problem", but that "further follow-up and measures" are appropriate. It will "monitor the situation very closely".

Concretely, it was decided to take six measures. For example, there will be water fountains with bottles, the results of water analyses will be applied at the entrance of the investigated buildings, buildings will be closed where a (bacterial) contamination will be found, and staff members who work in the buildings will be allowed to take a blood sample.

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