A pavement full of grass and weeds? You will face fines up to 125 euros

Pavements where grass and weeds grow between the tiles? In Mesen, in West Flanders, you risk a fine of up to 125 euros if you do not maintain your pavement properly. The city services will carry out regular inspections. "Most of the people from Mesen keep it clean, but there is a small group of uncooperative people", says Mayor Sandy Evrard.

For months now, Messines has been asking its inhabitants to keep the pavements free of weeds, rubbish and dog faeces. Because friendly questions don't make much sense, Mayor Sandy Evrard (MLM) gives an ultimatum: "If you don't put your piece of pavement in order by 20 September, you risk fines of up to 125 euros".

Mayor Evrard adds: "90 percent of the inhabitants of Mesen cooperate well. Unfortunately, there are people who are uncooperative. Even after several letters in a few months, the weeds flourish in some places. Weeding is often not a big problem. It only takes five minutes of work in a week. And when it is clean, it is easier to keep clean."

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