People flocking to the coast to escape the heat; heat plan activated yet again

Sweltering temperatures are driving day trippers to the coast. Meanwhile, the heat wave plan has been activated, yet again. The air quality is not too good either. Today, ozone levels were soaring the Ghent region, and in parts of West Flanders. 

Up to 275,000 visitors are expected at the coast this weekend. It's an extra for the hospitality industry, which didn't have an excellent past four weeks. It is expected that almost 300,000 people will visit the coast to seek a cool environment as temperatures came just short of 30 degrees Celsius in Ukkel on Saturday. The coast enjoyed a sea breeze, keeping temperatures at 23 or 24 degrees. 

Earlier, the government had activated the heat wave plan to raise people's alertness. It's the third time this year that the plan applies, as we already had two heat waves. Drink enough water, keep your home cool and avoid heavy physical exercise are among the classics. If you know older people, it's best to keep an eye on them.  

Ozone levels were particularly high in the Ghent region and in parts of West Flanders. As the hot spell should continue until Thursday, we may have another (official) heat wave this year (we should have five days of least 25 Celsius, including two with at least 30 Celsius). Today, we just missed the tropical mark of 30 degrees Celsius in Ukkel, but Sunday and Monday may do it. 

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