More Belgian holiday makers dying abroad: 162 this summer alone

The number of Belgian tourists passing away while on holiday abroad peaked to 162 this summer, De Zondag reports. That's almost three casualties each day. "It seems to have become a trend to take risks", Xavier Van Caneghem of Europ Assistance explains. 

Europ Assistance says most deaths are due to road accidents, followed by medical problems and other accidents, such as people falling off cliffs, people who lose the way while hiking, accidents during specific sports challenges such as water sports or mountain climbing etc. 

"It seems a trend to behave like a big hero on holiday and to take risks. Many put their feats in the spotlights on social media, which is much 'cooler' than sunbathing a a swimming pool for days", Van Caneghem says. "There's nothing wrong with a challenge. But it's not smart to take up these physical or technical challenges when you are hardly taking any exercise at home." 

Danny Smagghe of the travellers' organisation Touring confirms that the number of deadly accidents due to sport challenges is increasing. He also advises people to prepare well before embarking on a particular adventure. 

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