Newlyweds call the police to home full of shredded paper

Newlyweds from Lievegem in East Flanders called the police when they returned to find their home full of shredded paper after their wedding. Police officers attended the scene and recorded what had happed to their home.

The newlyweds don't believe their friends are behind this and are considering filing a complaint with the police.  Police officers are keen to mediate because they believe that this is a joke that got out of hand.  

It's tradition in many places across Flanders: the friends of newlyweds stage a whole range of jokes to tease the young couple. Kimberly and Jonas found shredded paper everywhere when they returned.   They believe somebody broke into their home. A neighbour even speaks of seeing an unfamiliar face near their house.  The couple were so disturbed by what happened that they called the police.

Local police tried to calm them down and advised against a formal complaint.  They hope to mediate because they fear this is a joke that got out of hand.  They will continue to monitor the situation as police commissioner Jana De Wulf warns that a formal complaint can have far-reaching consequences for those implicated.

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