The week ahead: hot but chance of thundery showers

There is no immediate end in sight to the sweltering heat in the Belgian interior. Highs are set to peak at 32 degrees Celsius in central parts today and thundery showers may be our lot this afternoon.

Monday will be mainly sunny with cumulus cloud in eastern parts this afternoon and it could turn thundery.  Highs of 32°C in central parts, 27°C or 28°C on the coast and in the High Fens. Tonight temperatures won’t fall below 19°C in some parts.

It’s a similar picture on Tuesday with the threat of thundery showers especially in the Ardennes, later extending to the whole country.  Highs between 27°C and 32°C. 

More of the same on Wednesday with a sunny start followed by the development of cumulous cloud though there will still be extended periods of bright weather too.  Thundery showers in western parts towards evening and during the night.  Daytime highs of 24°C to 31°C.

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