Youngster who pursued burglars faces attempted murder charge

A teenager who caught a burglar and then ran him down faces his day in court.  Prosecutors have identified him as a suspect and he could face charges of attempted murder.

The events happened in Beersel, outside Brussels.  On Saturday night three burglars attempted to break into a delivery van.   A 19-year-old neighbour witnessed their attempt and pursued the would-be burglars, who attempted to escape in their car.  The youngster followed in his car in hot pursuit.

Gilles Blondeau of the prosecutor’s office: “The youngster drove into the burglars’ vehicle and then tried to run down one of the suspects.”

One burglar was hit by the youngster’s car but managed to escape with his accomplices.  Their vehicle they left behind.

Gilles Blondeau: “Police arrested the youngster who ran down the burglar.  Various statements and what police established at the scene give us sufficient indications for a charge of attempted murder.”

The youngster was also armed with a baton and a knife and could face charges of possession of banned weapons.  He appeared before a magistrate on Sunday and was conditionally released.  Police still have to track down the burglars.

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