It’s all change on the buses on 31 August

On Saturday the Brussels local transport company MIVB launches a new phase of its bus plan.  Changes have been underway since 2018 with the introduction of the new bus line 33, Brussels’ first fully electric line.  Starting 31 August there will be further changes affecting the routes of bus lines 21, 45, 64, 65 and 80.  There will be more buses on line 12, while line 46 is being extended.

Elke Van den Brandt is the Brussels mobility minister: “More buses will be available at spots like Haren that don’t really have a good service at the minute.  Services will be more frequent on existing lines.  Bigger buses should improve passenger comfort during the rush hour.  New lines should do away with having to change bus.”

The bus plan when fully implemented with increase the number of available seats by a third. The number of kilometres covered is increasing by a fifth.

Elke Van den Brandt: “The population of Brussels continues to increase and more and more people want to live and work in Brussels.  Improved mobility is very important if we want to make the city a pleasant place to live for cyclists, pedestrians and people on public transport. We have to adapt our service. We want to offer an alternative for people who want to get about in Brussels.

MIVB officials will be on hand at strategic spots to assist the travelling public when the bus routes change. The changes will be signposted too.

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