Friend responsible for practical joke that got out of hand

It has emerged a friend of the newlyweds Jonas and Kimberly from Lievegem (East Flanders) who returned from their wedding to find their home entirely covered in shredded paper were responsible for the mess.

The newlyweds were particularly upset and couldn’t believe any of their friends could be responsible for this utter mess.  They planned to file a complaint with the police, but the police advised against, pointing to the ramifications of such a complaint and their hunch that this was a practical joke that had got out of hands.  And so it transpired. 

Since the wedding one of the couple’s friends has come forward to admit responsibility.  The newlyweds say they are happy they now know the identity of the culprit and can leave on honeymoon with a mind at peace.  No complaint will be filed.  Kimberly and Jonas aren’t saying which of their friends was behind the joke, but he or she isn’t expected to repeat it any time soon.

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