Islam school in Genk not recognised by the Flemish government

The Flemish Education Minister Hilde Crevits (Christian democrat) has refused to grant the Selam College in Genk (Limburg) an official status. It means that the school will not get subsidies and that its degrees won't be recognised. The issue is about human rights and children's rights. 

The Selam College received quite some press attention over the past months. The Flemish government has now dided that it won't be granted an official status. Hilde Crevits took the decision just a few days before the new school year kicks off.

"In order to be recognised, a school has to meet six conditions", Crevits explains. "One of these is that they have to be in line with the Belgian Constitution and international treaties, and, more precisely, with human rights and children's rights." Inspection teams were sent out by the Flemish Education Department last week, and apparently there is a problem. "Their report states that the school is not meeting this last condition."

Apparently, the inspectors took soundings from the Home Security Department before issuing a final advice. The organisation behind the school, the Islamic Federation of Belgium, may have links with the Turkish conservative Islamic movement Milli Görüs. 

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