232 tenants risk eviction each and every week

Last year over 12,000 tenants risked being evicted for failing to pay their rent promptly.  The figure works out at around 232 a week. 

The number of people risking eviction as a result of money problems has stayed high in recent years.  The Association of Flemish Towns and Cities, VVSG, says the problem is the lack of decent, affordable homes for rent.  As a result too many tenants are ending up in too expensive homes.  VVSG is now asking the new Flemish and federal governments to create a better rent market.

VVSG’s Wim Dries: “The figures have stabilised, but are tragically high.  The authorities have taken measures, but have failed to break the spiral.  This mustn’t be allowed to become the new normal.”

Together with local authorities the governments need to increase the number of affordable, high quality homes for people on low income and people just getting by.  The number of evictions needs to be reduced too.

VVSG Nathalie Debast: “It’s dreadful.  We’re not only talking about singles, but also families with children.  The authorities want to combat child poverty but we see many children are being made homeless too.  We expect politicians to act.”

“Benefits need to be increased.  People need to be encouraged to work. More social housing is needed too. The quality on the market of private rented accommodation is tragically low, especially for people on low income.  Municipalities and social services need to work on prevention and mediate on time before families get into trouble.”

“Poverty is largely concentrated in the cities, but evictions happen everywhere.” 

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