Calibration tests at Flemish universities

1,096 prospective students are taking this August’s calibration test at Flemish universities to help prospective students decide whether they are making the right choice.  The test is organised for five different disciplines, but is only obligatory for those youngsters wishing to become a civil engineer, civil engineer-architect or vet.

The calibration test is staged at the universities of Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels and Leuven twice a year in June and August. There are 13 different tests, mainly for scientific disciplines but also for economics and speech therapy. In June 3,400 prospective students took part.

In contrast with the test for medical studies all students will be able to register to embark upon the studies of their choice.  For some disciplines participation in the test is compulsory, but the result is only there to give you an idea whether these studies are the right option for you.

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