European Skeptics Congress staged in Ghent

This year’s European Skeptics Congress is taking place in Ghent.  Around a hundred members of European sceptic organisations will be attending.

The conference is being organised by SKEPP that is described as a scientific-critical organisation. SKEPP is a study group for the critical evaluation of pseudo-sciences and the paranormal.  It’s president is Paul De Belder, who warns that the number of people with crazy ideas is on the increase: “The internet has provided greater access for people to promote ideas.  People who didn’t used to be in contact easily find each other.  In this way networks arise.”

The internet is having a big impact on the way people think and what they believe.  Sceptics are eager to use it too to disseminate scepticism.

Paul De Belder: “Clearly people are on the look-out for new stories and new purpose.  Sometimes they start to believe things that aren’t scientifically justified.”

Combating alternative medicine is a tradition among sceptic associations.  A series of experts will address the conference on the paranormal, conmen and quacks.

Paul De Belder: “In this way we learn where society is making mistakes when it comes to thought and how we can encourage scientifically founded thought.”

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