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Ariana Grande experiences panic attacks up in Antwerp

The organisers of the Ariana Grande concert in the Antwerp sports palace last Friday have confirmed that the American pop star cancelled her meet & greet with fans.  Grande has apologised and promised her fans will receive a refund.

It’s emerged that Grande cancelled the meet & greet because she is battling depression and is experiencing panic attacks.

It was a sold out sports palace that greeted the American superstar last Friday for a concert that was part of her “Sweetener” tour.  160 fans had booked for the meet & greet with the star and queued for an hour ahead of the concert proper only to be disappointed.  At the last moment the star cancelled this exclusive event.

The Huffington Post reports that Grande wanted to save her energy for the show. Posting on Instagram she explained that she is facing constant depression and angst.  Friday was a particularly difficult day for the star and after a number of panic attacks she decided to cancel the meet & greet.

“I couldn’t give my best.  I wish I was in control of these attacks, but everybody who experiences angst and depression understands.”

The attacks lead to excessive sweating, heightened heart rate and hyperventilation.  People think they are going to die even though it’s a psychological problem.

2019 Kevin Mazur

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