Modernisation drive starts in Flemish secondary schools

The new schoolyear starts on 2 September and for secondary schools this means the new modernisation changes kick in.  The aim is to ensure pupils make the right choices and cut the number of children leaving school without a diploma.

Two million schoolchildren return to school on 2 September.  In secondary schools attempts are being made to ensure all children start in the right type of school to avoid what happened in the past: pupils first starting in a general education classes, failing and ending up in a vocational school.

In future all pupils start secondary school in similar classes.  The goal is to attain an A-certificate.  If they fail, pupils can then switch to classes preparing you for vocational schools. Initially all pupils have 27 identical hours of schooling.  Schools can vary the other 5 hours e.g. to beef up a lack of French or test stronger pupils with Latin. Greater differentiation starts in the second year.

The goal is to allow children to make a more balanced choice for their future schooling at the end of their first year two years of secondary school and to pick schooling that suits them and at which they stand a good chance of succeeding.

The modernisation drive will affect the first year of secondary education this year and progress to affect both the first and second year next year.

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