Man kills wife by mixing poisonous beans into her food over a period of months

A man from the West Flemish municipality of Lauwe has admitted murdering his wife. For months the West Fleming, who works as a fireman, had denied having played any role in his wife’s untimely death. However, the Kortrijk Judicial Authorities say that he has now admitted killing her.  “For months he mixed poisonous beans into his wife’s food”, the Judicial Authorities’ spokesman Tom Janssens told journalists.   

The woman died last October after having suffered from sickness and diarrhoea. Her husband took her to hospital, but she died a short time afterwards. An autopsy found traces of ricin in the woman’s blood. Ricin in a toxic substance found in the seeds of the castor oil plant. This exotic plant species can be purchased easily in most garden centres and shops that sell plants.   

Once the pathologist had found ricin in the dead woman’s body detectives detained her husband on suspicion of involvement in her death. Although he was detained at the start of the year he has maintained his innocence up until now. The fire-fighter has made a full confession.     
"Finally he has admitted to having mixed wonder beans or ricin beans in to his partner’s food over a period of months. This is poisoning and with it a lot of pain. She died a gruesome death”, Mr Janssens added.    

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