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“We were locked inside for three days”

Kor Dormans is one of the few Belgians in the Bahamas, the islands that have borne the brunt of devastation caused by hurricane Dorian.  He says everything is flooded.  The airport has sustained great damage and the bodies of all the victims have not yet been retrieved.

Kor Dormans runs a holiday park in the Caribbean archipelago.  He says: “a deathly calm now reigns.  The worst thing is the damage the water has caused.  All buildings are under water.  People have lost everything.”

Kor Dormans’s Ocean Reef and Yacht Club survived the hurricane relatively intact.  He now hopes to house and feed hurricane survivors.  The hurricane came in addition to a high tide:”Waves of water 7 to 8 metres high came on land.  People first stood on chairs, then went to a higher floor to end up in the attic.  I fear there are still people who did not survive.”

“We are getting little information.  There is no running water, no power and limited telephone connections. I see planes in the air and private helicopters, but the airport is damaged. I don’t know if we will be able to reopen in the next few weeks. The damage to the airport means the islands can only be reached by boat.  We heard aid might be shipped in.”

“We were locked inside for three days not knowing what would happen.  Will the roof fly off, will we survive?”

Drinking water shortages are the greatest threat.  Tap water could be running again within the week.  Power could take weeks to restore and then everything has to be rebuild.  The children don’t even have a school.”

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