Kompany castigates lack of diversity in football organisations

Belgian national soccer star Vincent Kompany singles out the lack of diversity in international and national football organisations as a major cause why racism in football is not addressed and properly punished.

Cagliari fans produced racist chanting when Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku was on the field for Inter Milan recently.  The racial abuse of the former Manchester United player has been widely condemned. Most people criticised the fans, but when Sky Sports went to see Lukaku’s teammate in the Red Devils, Vincent Kompany, the Anderlecht star and former Manchester City player fingered UEFA, FIFA, the Italian and the English FA and their lack of diversity.

“The people who have to take the decisions, don’t know what Lukaku is experiencing.  Everything can be brought back to the people who take the decisions.  It’s here that the problems lie.”

“The real racism is the fact that in these organisations nobody knows what Romelu is experiencing.  They all talk about how he must feel, what he must be thinking, but you find nobody who can imagine for a bit what Romelu is experiencing.”

“If you look at the UEFA, the FIFA, the Italian or English FA, you see little diversity.  If diversity isn’t present, you can’t take the right decisions when it comes to punishments.  It’s as simple as that.”

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