5th wolf spotted in Wallonia during the summer

During the summer vacation a motorist was able to take photographs of a wolf on a field track at Havelange in Namur Province. The wolf is the 5th to have been spotted in Wallonia in recent times. The photographs of the animal were taken early on the morning of 1 August. Meanwhile experts in France have confirmed that the animal is a wolf. It is unclear whether the wolf is still in Belgium or if it has moved on to pastures new in one of our neighbouring countries. 

The motorist spotted the wolf at around 6:30am on a field between the villages of Verlée and Odet. The Walloon Wolf Network sent experts to the area after having seen photographs of the wolf on the social media platform Facebook. They hoped to gather as much information as possible about the wolf. However, efforts to find further traces of the animal in the area drew a blank.

However, the photographs leave little room for doubt and French experts have confirmed that the animal on the photograph is a wolf.

The coordinator of the Walloon Wolf Network Alain Licoppe told the VRT and our Francophone counterpart RTBF that "It is certain that a wolf was in the area at the start of August, but it is not certain if it set up home here. We haven’t seen the wolf on our cameras since. It was certainly, for Belgium at least, a new wolf. However, it is quite possible that the animal has left the country in the meantime”.  

This is the 5th wolf to have been spotted in Wallonia since the Walloon Wolf Network was set up in 2017. It is believed that two of the wolves have set up home in Wallonia. One of them is believed to be living on the High Fens in Liège Province, while the other is living near to Neufchâteau in Luxembourg province. 

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